Turn Your Shopping Trip Into a Treasure Hunt

Participate in a bin sale in St Johns, MI

Half the fun of shopping is discovering exciting, reasonably-priced items that you didn't expect to find. When you shop at J & L Quality Pallets, you'll feel like you're on your own treasure hunt. Our liquidation bin store features electronics, kitchen appliances, tools and more for our customers to explore.

All of our merchandise is sourced from overstock, stock damage, returns, new products, shelf pulls and clearance items, so you never know what you might find. Visit our store in St Johns, MI today to start exploring our bin sales.

Check out different daily deals

You'll have endless options for savings depending on which day you visit our store. We run deals on bin sales throughout the week, including...

$3 Monday - all items are $3 each
$1 Tuesday - all items are either $1 each or $20 for a 13-gallon bag full of items
Variety Wednesday - depending on availability, items are either $1 each or $10 for a 13-gallon bag full
$6 Saturday - all items are $6 each

Which day's deals will you take advantage of? Shop at our liquidation bin store today.